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Advanced Materials Mechanics

Aerospace Engineering Research Group

Applied Analysis

Applied Artificial Intelligence Group (GIAA)

Asymmetry, Persistence and Volatility in Economic Variables

Biomedical Imaging and Instrumentation Group (BiiG)

Communications Group

Computer, Communications and Systems Architecture

Contemporary Studies

COSEC (COmputer SECurity Lab)

Current Changes in the International Community and its Legal Order

Diagnosis of Electrical Machines and Insulating Material (DIAMAT)

Displays and Photonic Applications Group


Economics of Technical Change

Electrical energy networks and systems group (REDES)

Electronic Power Systems Group (GSEP)

Energy Economics

Energy Systems Engineering

Financial Economics

GAST- Telematic Applications and Services Group

Globalization, Integration Processes and International Cooperation

Group of Advanced Databases (LABDA)

Group on Company Innovation, Organization and Marketing


Historiography and history of religions

History of today's world Culture and Technology

Human Rights, State of Law, and Democracy


Industrial Property and New Technologies (PROINDTEN)

International Integration and Economic Growth

Journalism and Social Analysis: Evolution, Effects and Trends (PASEET)

Laboratory on Metric Information Studies (LEMI)

MACHLAB: Laboratory Machines

Material synthesis and processing

Negotiation, mediation and conflict resolution

NOMOS. Research group on political thought and ancient law and its reception

Planning and Learning Group

Plasma Physics Group

Powder Technology

Remote Detection, Sensors, and Infrared Images Laboratory (LIR)

Research Group on Law and Justice (GIDYJ)

Robotics Lab

RYSC-Communications Networks and Services

Services of General Interest, Economic Activity and Public Intervention

Signal Processing and Learning Group (GTSA)

Society, Technology and Business Law (SOCITEC)

Sociology of Climate Change and Sustainable Development

Statistical Modelling and Data Analysis

Systems Control, Learning and Optimization Laboratory (CAOS)

Technologies applied to information and documentation (TECNODOC)

Television-Cinema: memory, representation and industry (TECMERIN)

Thermal Engineering, Energy and Atmosphere (ITEA)

Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine (TERMeG)

Urban Planning and Zoning. Environmental Issues - Public Health and Risk Management